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I developed pearly penile papules when I was a teenager, about twelve to fifteen individual white spots around the edge of my penis head. I was really worried about their appearance as I was never told that this was something that was not totally uncommon. I actually pulled them off with my fingernails over some years - very painful! I also had the 'chicken skin' quite a way up the shaft of my cock, and was worried that eventually pubes would cover most of it. This did not happen and the women I have slept with have not been in any way concerned. Std test nearest Mexico Beach FL. So do not worry if the same thing happens to you.

I started with one scab on the head of my penis I was already going to the doctors office so had him look. He said it looks like a herpe but that I would have noticed a herpe and if it is herpes and this is the first outbreak it will get worse. Well I was there initially because I was sick he told me I had stomach flu and I just noticed the scab that morning. He tested me n before receiving my results it got worse. Other sores appeared then little small pus filled bumps at the base and pubic area of the penis and someon the shaft. Next cold sores on my mouth and canker sores inside my lips. By this point I swear I have it and told my doctor that I did have unprotected sex recently I told him to give it to me straight about what he thought before these other symptoms appeared. He said it is a strong possibility & that they would know the results of my blood test soon. The results of my blood and urine test came back negative. Negative for chlymadia ghonorria and herpes both hsv1 &2 all neg. so my question now is what could it be? What caused all of these symptoms I am glad the test were negative but now idk what it could be. Anybody please if you have ideas or suggestions share thank you Std test near FL.

My boyfriend And I have been together for over two years. We do not use condoms and I never miss an obgyn appt. he has a bump that can out of no where just one about an inch from the tip of his penis. I know it can't be a std because I would have gotten it. He says it hurts it's red and has a very tiny white head at the top of the bump. Is this only a zit? He tried to pop it before and it went down but came right back. Due to a terrible past with doctors and his WHOLE body going to the doctor to look at it is a slim to none chance.

I have a quarter sided lump on the left side of the shaft on my penis, it has been there for about a week and is not getting any smaller, it is painful to the touch, doesnt look like it has a head or anything like that on it, just a quarter sized red lump, it is really embaressing, i had sexual intercourse with a girl who has Hep C if that helps, i really hope it is not anything serious, i do not want to go to the doctor but if that is what i have to do then i will do it. I am only 18 years old this has never happened before and it is pretty scarey. Please help.

Frequent Vaginal Discharge nearby Mexico Beach Florida

Months ago I had sex with a girl and the next day I had this pimple looking this at the base of my penis. I let it go thinkin it would go away. Weeks later it was still there and if was no longer like a pimple. Std test closest to Mexico Beach. It's just a pink bump. So I finally got to the doctor weeks after that. The doctor said it's probably just a friction burn. So I felt releaved and I started having sex with a new girl. Now I have 4 or 5 of them. Verry small but they just look bad. They don't itch burn or pus. There just there nothing bad about them besides they look bad. Std Test nearby Mexico Beach, FL. Std Test closest to Mexico Beach.

Hi, about two months ago I noticed I had little spots on the inside of my foreskin and on the top of my foreskin, if I pick them or scrape them off they will bleed, they have no puss in them and you can't pop them,I went to doctors and got a chlymdia test and blood test and I have no stds, now two months on from noticing the spots I have been getting a itchy anus, and have realized a couple or so lumps or bumps on the entrance to me anus, as I said before I haven't got a std, I have been worrying for a while now and really can't put my mind at ease, or relax, I was hoping someone could help me with my situation by giving me some information please, thanks, josh.

So I was pleasing myself and accidently caught my nail on the inside of the foreskin and made a small tear a few months ago I thought it would heal and it did but then this pimple like thing appeared in that spot and I popped it not thinking and not it's healed but it's open at the same time and white pimple stuff is inside it I plan to get my parents to take me to a doctor but I wanna know sooner so please help if you can this is really awkward and is bringing my self esteem down to an all time low

Hello. I'm a 15 year old male and I have had this problem for a few months now. At the base and towards the middle of the bottom of my penis are small little white dots. Most of them at the base look like they have a pubic hair growing out of them. I don't mind them too much and they don't hurt. Sometimes when I squeeze them they pop like zits but don't go away. The problem is that it makes my genitals smell horrible. I think I am washing well, but I don't know if I have to wash a certain way or what. I am still a virgin and I have never had oral sex before so it can't be herpes. I just want them to go away and my genitals not to smell bad. Please help

Symptoms Of Chlamydia Women in United States

Hi there. Couple days ago I started to feel a disconfort on my left bag sac also noticed a little thing like if was a piece of floss but a bit thick than a normal thin piece of floss on my left bag sag and is a bit sore. Std test nearest Mexico Beach, FL, United States. Can be this a sympton of HIV? I'm extremely anxious, done loads is research on Internet and I'm not sure what's happening. I've been yesterday to a Doctor, done urine test all negative for STD but Doctor referred me to have a MRI he says it looks like a cyst but just after the scan they will be sure. Also, they collected my bloody to do HIV test. Please, would get nao to me and advise me about my problem because I'm really stressed, can't sleep or carry on with my life. Thanks J. Std test nearest Mexico Beach Florida. Rodrigues

am dying,please,i need your help urgently.i have some small white,painless but solid(fluidless)rahes enshrouded(neck and throat )of my penis for 12years now with recurrent lower abdominal pains messaging from the rahe erea.i did vdrl test several times,last mth i did it again with urine,blood culture,wound swab on d rash for sterph but all d result being negetive.cipro n rimpaciline drugs was prescribd for a mnth but no improvement I am lost,hopless.felling to comit sucide,pls advice me, save my life as God wil llong-span yours to assist othersamen!

Have small skin coloured lumps / bumps on the end of my shaft. I need to pull back my foreskin to see them. They are a few may be 5-6 together seperated by few mm on top of the penis, right side and bottom of penis. When i see it in microscope few of them i see that there is a white dot on the top of them for others i do not see. Initially when i saw them a 10days ago did not itch at all but now sometimes i feel itching (may be due to excessive thinking on it) or sometime i feel like something is happening at the edge of the penis. Exactly 4 weeks two days ago i had sexual encounter with unknown women used condoms. Tried to cmpare with what i have over the net, do not match with any one of them except near to someone help me out. Before these lumps show up i visited a doctor who made me to take up all medical test for gonnerea, chalmadiy, hiv....all of them came negative.

my son is in prison and said he has been examined and given antibiotics for 4 lumps on testicules and one in the groin he his worried it may be cancer as he said he had a small lump two years ago and his gp just said its grizzle nothing to worry about and didnt exam him now its huge and painfulldo they have a duty to care in prison and send him for referral he has said they are not doing so should i complain in a letter?i have trid phoning they wont tell me anything ?why did they give him antibiotics if they arent sure if serious or not ?

Red Bumps On Penis

Hi guys. So today I looked at my penis, and if you lift it up and look under, there are tiny(like 1mm)clear bumps. Theres like 3 or 4 of them very close together. They are pretty much where the shaft meets your balls. They are only in that one spot. Std test near me Mexico Beach Florida. I noticed it because they itched so I checked it out. If you pop them, a tiny bit of like clear liquid comes out? And obv if you keep squeezing them it jus bleeds like anything else. Not sure with this is. I COULD go to the doctors, but im not looking for your suggestions to be "go to the doctors". Std Test nearby Mexico Beach. Ive seen pictures of herpes and all that, and theyre very discusting, and look absolutely nothing like what Im experiencing. Also, I do masturbate usually atleast once a day. Sometimes when I havent showered that day after work or something (i work outside and am always in dirt, gas, etc). I also havent had sex in 6 months or so, and previously to this I was having sex with a girlfriend of 3 years, which was a faithful relationship. If anyone has an educated guess about this, Id be happy to hear it.

Sebaceous PROMINENCE is something that seems too often to be ignored in any literary material or sex education. Like the 'chicken skin scrotum', some men have similar bumps covering a large part of the shaft of their penis and these appear at puberty. When mine first started to appear I was virgin and about 14 but stressed out of my mind that I'd contracted something from a toilet seat. It took me far too long to find out what it was and I think a significant number of boys suffer from the same horrible dread. Awareness needs to be raised.

hi, i had shiny bumps near the top of my penis shaft and i had them removed but there are other shiny almost white spots on the lower part of the base of my penis going up they are very small and you can only really see them shine in light, do you think there all related? the urologist doesn't think genital warts and he is doing a biopsy cause he is not sure. any ideas. Std test nearby Mexico Beach? the ones removed were not moist and more rough and in like a circle but very tiny and the shiny ones now are even smaller. i accidently had put hand sanitizer on my penis a few weeks ago after sex and it burned could that cause all this to happen. i've had all of this for over a month now.

I been itching alot lately around my pubic area, right on top of where my penis starts and where my pubic hair grows the sides of my legs and random spots through out my body. the itching on my pubic hair is weird i got small lumps that feel like pimples and there are a couple of them there. i dont have crabs cuz i would see them. and they woudnt be all over my body. its more worse on my pubic hair tho. i shaved to see if that was the problem and it didnt help but make it worse. what could this be?

Cold Sores On Genital Area

hi, im a 22 year old male with these strange little bumps around my penis. i went to a gum clinic a few years ago when i first noticed them and was told they were hair folicles. there are very small, painless but very hard, almost the size of a goosepimple, they have no head and they are skin colour. Mexico Beach std test. Std test in Mexico Beach, Florida. on my they are on scrotum but hairs grow out of them there, the only reason im writing this is because lately they seem to have appeared on the underside of my penis a little more? is this anything to be worried about? thanks

I'm 15 and about a month or two ago I noticed a bright red bump on my lower shaft/upper scrotum area(it seems to change places whether I'm flacid or erect, this is probably a sign that the bump is in the skin itself and not in the actual organs).At first it only hurt if I squeezed it but now it's very tender and causes pretty sharp pain on even somewhat light contact, it doesn't show any pain at all when left alone however. I can't tell whether it's bigger now or the same size. It may be the "lump in the scrotum" daignosis this website shows but if that's the case it could possibly be cancer. So, even if it's embarrassing I'll make an appointment with the doctor to at least find out if it's nothing

hey so i have a bunch of small skin colored bumps all over the shaft of my penis and scrotum. i also have a sore at the base of my penis that is about a half in and when i squeeze it i can feel something hard. AAAANNND i have one bump on the shaft that looks like a pimple but is really hard. please someone help me. Mexico Beach std test. by the way the first bumps i mentioned have been there for about 3 years the second has been there for 4 days and the third one has been there for 5 months..i have never had sexual intercourse. pleas help!!!!

Hi, I have something very similar to 'Posted by Need help on 12/06/2010 at 11:48:00 am' I am 17 too and have 2 red lumps, about 2-3 mm in length on my foreskin, they've been there for about 5 weeks. Originally there was 3, one has gone and the other 2 started to go down but now they are becoming more evident again and more red. This might sound silly, but when I bath regularly instead of showering it seems to help as the fade. For a few days i decided to just have a shower instead of baths and now they're coming back. Appreciate if you could help me.

I've a lump on my penis about the size and shape of a corn grain on the left side of my penis, i've had this since i was about 12 and after 6 to 7 years it swells and comes off by itself, i went to the doctors and once had it removed but it grew back, the Doctors told it was some fatty tissue and there was nothing to worry about. i still have it and still dont understand what it is, but it doesnt hurt nor has it stopped from having babies its just annoying when girls ask what is that lump? anyone else experienced the same thing? i'd love to exchange pics to see if this affects anyone else or just me.

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Hi there. I have a lump at the top left side of my left testicle. Std test near me Mexico Beach, United States. I've had it about 10 years or so but it's slowly getting larger. It causes me a dull ache much of the time these days, which makes me aware of it and makes me worry about it. The urologist says it's a cyst and that it seems benign and that I should just leave it. The MRI showed that I might have a tumour in the middle of that testicle and the urologist says I should keep an eye on that one. I am due for another MRI in a few weeks to see if there's been any change. I am one shy anyway due to crypto orchidism and frankly I am terrified at the possibility of losing the other. The embarrassment and consequences for fertility impact negatively on my love life (now non-existent). La vie!

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