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I'm guessing you are a person who has had hsv2 for a while. I was diagnosed and had my first break out about 2 months ago. I already went through the emotional agony and all. However my break out was pretty serious. When I first noticed a soar I went to my physician (kind of a mistake, should've went to my obgyn) to get it checked out. Since it was so small he said it was nothing, just a clogged duct and to take hot baths (or apply heat) and it should go away in 5 days. Well the soar got way worse and alot more came up. I got fever after fever and my downstairs was over ruled with soars and lesions. I'm talking all hell broke loose through my vagina and since the 5th day fell on a Friday I had to wait all weekend to call my obgyn and it just got much much worse from there. You couldn't even tell it was a freaking vagina anymore. Anyway I finally got treated for it and since it was so bad it took 3-4 weeks to clear up. Maybe longer. At least the open soars. For about another week and a half to 2 weeks i had yeast infection like symptoms and went back to the obgyn only to find out that it was still the same flare up. Std test closest to Hanalei HI United States. Now everything is gone. No itching, burning, swelling, soars, or lesions. Except.... there is a spot (my apologies for being so specific), the spot where my first soar appeared (which got the biggest and most painful out of all of them) that still for some reason hurts. No soar or anything it just hurts like it's still kinda there. My boyfriend and I have checked it over and over again the past 3 weeks or so and there's nothing BUT IT STILL HURTS AND IDK WHY. I dont want to bother my doctor because I've called them so many times wondering when it was all going to be over. I feel like an annoyance. And I cant seem to find any answers on the internet so I was hoping to find someone who can tell me they've had the same experience and to give me advice in hopes it's not permanent nerve damage or something.

I too have a patch of skin on my outer labia that feels funny all the time since the OB. Doesn't hurt... Can barely call it a tingle. I just feel 'more aware' of that spot than any other area. It is the spot where the last sore of my OB occurred, not the first, nor was it the worst.... In fact, that spot never actual developed a sore, just a tingly little pink patch. Now It looks no different than the skin around it. It might have even felt that way before the OB and I never thought anything of it.

Hi Mandy, I'm currently having my first outbreak it wasn't that bad and normally just looks as if I had razor bumps, my doctor didn't really even tell me anything at all except that I contracted hsv 1 on my genitals. Should I be sad about this idk how to feel? I've only ever had 2 people go down on me in the sense of how I got hsv 1 on my genitals. Std Test in Hanalei. The second person is my current boyfriend of 6 months. He doesn't have symptoms but he's gone down on me so many times ? My other question is, after this outbreak how long to wait, even then can I have unprotected sex with my boyfriend? Std Test in Hanalei Hawaii.

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Heyyy, so I'm just wondering if anyone know what's going on with me. Like I don't understand.. but I had an outbreak in my throat and a cold sore like a month ago and a fever came along with it, and that's okay because I've had cold sore since I was a little baby. But literally just today I had an outbreak "done there" and I've been vomiting and fever and achy pains. I've had my fever for 3 days now and I just got the breakout today. It doesn't hurt too too bad but the thing that confuses me is that I haven't been sexually actively for 8 whole months. Haven't even kissed someone. And this is my first outbreak. So I don't understand how. Hanalei Std Test. 😞 Like for me I'm not that upset because I'm not sexually actively at all, but that's besides the point, I literally don't know how it could happen.

Getting over feeling gross and ashamed comes with time. Education of things like how many people have it and after a few OBs (most are really not that bad, out of 3 OBs I've never had a BAD one in 7mos) and you realize life doesn't really need to change much. My boyfriends blisters always happen at the head of his penis, so he gets pee on them all the time, which burns. Std test nearest HI United States. After my initial OB, his blisters are also larger than mine. We have strain 2, which statistically has more reoccurances than 1. If you have hsv1, you may find comfort in that it may never even have another OB.

When i was diagnosed i was currently experiencing an outbreak. Once i got on the antiviral it started to clear up in two days. Best advice I can give you from my own personal experience is to take the medication, use soaps that are no sensitive, keep the area as dry as u can, and this may sound odd, but when your in pain, freeze a washcloth and when you need it run the frozen cloth under cold water and place it on the inffected area. My first outbreak lasted 10 days. Std Test near Hanalei HI United States. Hanalei, HI, United States std test. Hanalei Hawaii std test. I was diagnosed in March and after i compleded my perscrition of antivirals I was fine. I have yet to experience another outbreak.

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Hi, i came across your post while googling everything under the sun about GH since i was diagnosed this monday. Once i started my medicine i didnt start to feel better until today honestly (thursday)..today is march 5 and i had my.initial symptoms 2 days aftwr having sex With my partner. My dr says it was a.primary infection. ive never ever had any symptoms before but im not sure my.partner believes me. It was incredibly painful like i couldnt sit down or bend down! I found that gold bond medicated powder really helped. It does tingle and feels like its burning but its not. Its just cooling things down. i wish i had started using that when i first started getting itchy! My dr gave me valtrex i have to finish the whole bottle. Just wanted to tell you, your not alone. Its very uncomfortable, but you will be ok !

Oh I had used tee tree oil on what I figured was a very Large cyst on my labia that I had for a week. I went to urgent care but the dr was in a big rush and just told me that I had a cyst. I hadn't seen any blisters but I noticed scabs a few days later and was told by another dr that I probably had herpes. I haven't gotten my test results back but I was wondering if maybe the scabs where from the tee tree oil. I was very itchy though so right now I'm assuming that I for sure have GH. I'd rather come to terms with it now then wait around hoping and wondering. I hadn't told my Dr that I used tee tree oil but I wonder if that would have made her rethink her diagnosis. I can see how any Dr seeing scabs on that area would misdiagnose it.

No I know my oldest daughter doesn't have but I'm pregnant currently I'm scared that when it's time to deliver that she might come out with herpes and that is the scariest thing on my mind right now with this outbreak I can barely sleep I'm in so much pain I can barely walk or sit down since I got it I'm just scared and reading these I see some are living happy lives and me I'm just scared my daughter loves to sleep in the bed with me and since all of this she just feels like I'm pushing her away I have a appointment to see how my daughter that isn't here doing because that scared me and hopefully start medication to get back to the life of working to make it for my daughters I'm just scared for the baby that isn't here yet

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Right, even with all the info saying how unlikely it is to pass on through birth and how many precautions can be taken, I'm sure I'd be going crazy as you are too. I see you have an appointment coming up. Std Test near me Hanalei, HI. Have you already spoken with a dr about all the birthing precautions that can be taken and that if you deliver during OB, a cesarean can 100% prevent infection? I hope your next appointment can put your mind at ease some. I only know what I've read, I have been told direct from a Dr nothing about HSV and pregnancy.

Hello, so like a week ago I got cold sores in my mouth. I had fever and they came out. I would put my hand in my mouth so I could brush my teeth so it won't hurt. During that time I started my period. It was really uncomfortable because all of a sudden I got really itchy in my vagina. So I would stratch my self. Std Test closest to Hanalei HI. The day bfore yesterday I told my husband to check how it looked. He said it was just swollen. But yesterday when I woke up I could walk anymore. It hurt so damn much. I decided to go to the hospital. They checked me and everything and the doctor said I had GH. But what I don't understand is that if the doctor was sure about it why did they have to do a swab and wait for results. When they were checking me omg I thought I was gonna die. They gave me medication for a week and so far I'm doing okay. But what I think happened was that since I had those cold sores in my mouth then I started scratching down there. So maybe I was the one that took the wires to the vagina myself. At home my mom boiled a herb called Ruda I think. And bout a soap she said to sit on the water and just stay there and clean myself with the yellow soap I tried it last night it I think it helps. So you see your not a lone I felt the same way but I know its not just me. There's many others that have this problem as well so keep your head up like I'm doing.

Hello everyone, I came across this post today and it has made me a little better. I'm going thru a lot right now, I had a pregnancy and as I was doing the abortion process, I was diagnosed with GH. Hanalei, Hawaii std test. The abortion was the best thing I did do to the fact that this was going to affect my baby. In other words, I had my outbreak, I was diagnosed on Saturday and I started taking the antibiotics, everything hurts, when I walk, when I sit, when I kneel. It's horrible, it burns so much when I pee. I got this cold sore on my lip and it looks so gross, I'm so disgusted with myself. I hope anyone can help me and give me some advice.

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I'm feeling exactly the same , i even started symptoms on Monday and I know exactly how you're feeling , I'm so stressed I'm worried about the future , but I've read a lot and I'm starting to feel I little better , perhaps we can look at this in a different way , I feel frustrated too and I get you , I wish you could talk if you agree , it could help a little , I'm still sick to , I'm just confused and kinda sad as I'm sure you are too , maybe it would be great to have someone we can talk about it for a while

Hi susanna and to the rest of girls, I'm so glad I have found this, I also have gh I have it around my bum hole, I'm so embarrassed as om married with children and 37, thing is I havnt had sex in few months due to my partner Bein ill, iv also been diagnosed with disc produting in my back so can hardly move, my hubby and me have been together 24/7 past 7months so I no no cheating has gone on, so how the crap did I get something like this, oh girls I'm so embarrassed iv started tablets so hope this helps hope u r all ok xx

Hey, Girls....ok I was just told by two doctors that I have GH. I'm extremely sad and confused. My partner and I are very faithful I just don't know how this could have happened. I was in so much pain at the beining of the week that I would wake up and cry at least twice in the middle of the night. This is driving me crazy for the simple fact that I'm so careful. I don't know how I caught GH because my doctors made it seem as if you can catch it as easy as a cold. I'm having more test done btw I'm not accepting this nor do I fully believe I have this.

Std Test nearby HI. As of Friday I've been experiencing a terrible out break. I went to the doctor that day and was told it looks like BV, but still sent a culture test for herpes. I'm in soooooooo much pain. She's prescribed me this antibiotic gel which I have to insert but these sores are sooooo painful. I've tried baking soda to dry them out, and that burned like hell. I was told to try neosporin and that's not helping at all. The only that helps is a cool rack or I will literally lay in front of the fan. At this point my mind is set that I have the virus. I so ashamed of myself. I've cried non stop and my bday is this weekend and I'm suppose to be going on a trip which I know I will not be able to enjoy because of this. I get my results tomorrow hopefully they can prescribe me something stronger because i can't take this pain anymore. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

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Hello Marie 23540.....How are u?It's been 10 days and im still suffering...at first i was told its a fungal infection..then i started my periods which literally worsened my condition...i went to the gynaecologist again 4 days ago n i was told just by looking that i have genital herpes...till then i was unable to pee normally..ive started peeing normally since yesterday..ive been prescribed acyclovir 800..for 7 days...though the outer wounds have dried but my labial woundshve still not dried...today is the fourth day of my medication.im unable to walk normally...i m helpless...i too wdnt wish it on my worst enemy....since we bth started this on the same time,i just feel u'd understand my problem the best...

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